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I prefer…. by Louise Marcroft

(after Possibilities by Wislawa Szymborska)[1]

I prefer the cool moonlight to the hot midday sun
I prefer luxury but not at any cost
I prefer champagne
I prefer harmony
I prefer bright colours, and chilli and garlic and ginger in my food
I prefer health and youth
I prefer flowers with fragrance to a box of chocolates – well, most of the time
I prefer meaningful work
I refer the cool mauve at dawn and the last green ray of light at dusk
I prefer being a little different to following others
I prefer sons, I think, though I shall never know the love of a daughter
I prefer birds in the bushes and in the sky, to cats or dogs
I prefer lizards
I prefer praying mantis, and I particularly prefer lady birds
I prefer extravagance, but waste is right out
I prefer Christmas
I prefer the promise of each new year


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