How a Certificate IV TAE opens many doors

A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can open the doors to new work opportunities or a second job. With a Certificate IV TAE 40110 you are a qualified trainer and assessor and can teach in the VET sector.

TAE40110Do you….

  • deliver training at work but don’t have a qualification
  • want recognition for the training and assessing you are doing
  • want to learn how to train and assess peoples workplace skills
  • want to teach and share your skills and knowledge
  • want to work in the VET sector

Are you…

  • moving to a training and development role
  • a training advisor or training needs analyst
  • looking to earn a second income

What does the course teach you?

You’ll learn how to design learning, deliver training and conduct workplace assessments. That means that by the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Design and deliver training for clients and staff
  • Tailor training for individuals and groups
  • Make and deliver a presentation that engages your audience
  • Know how to design effective training and assessment tools and resources
  • Know where to look for training resources
  • Explain how the training industry works in Australia
  • Understand and use national training packages
  • Confidently give work skill instructions
  • Assess whether the learner has reached the desired learning goals
  • Assess whether someone is competent in a workplace skill

Who will employ me with a TAE?

With a TAE40110 and your other qualifications you can work at Registered Training Organisations (RTO). These include government and private providers such as:

  • Community colleges like Sydney Community College
  • Technical and further education (TAFE) institutes
  • Secondary schools and colleges
  • Universities
  • Agricultural and technical colleges
  • Telstra, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Commonwealth Bank, Australian Computer Society, Australian Industry Trade College

Your current employer may be an RTO – look them up on and see.

What type of person has a TAE 40110?

You’d be surprised at how many people have the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Ask your friends and colleagues. Some examples are:

  • Accountants
  • Business owners
  • Frontline managers
  • IT specialists
  • Language teachers
  • Photographers
  • SEO specialists
  • Training and development managers
  • Visual artists

How does the course run?

The course is covered in three modules spread over 10 weeks. You attend for a full day once a week and have in-class work and assessments to complete.

Why choose us to do your TAE?

  • Saturday classes
  • Free onsite parking
  • Pay in installments
  • Manuals provided
  • Access to computer resources
  • Quality training facilities
  • Highest completion rate
  • Most of the work is done in class
  • Highly experienced trainer
  • Ongoing support

To enroll and find out more

You can find out further details about the Certificate IV TAE from our website or by calling 8752 7555.

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