3 reasons why you need to know Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides real-time information and tools to analyse your web presence. You can track your website, blog, MySpace, Facebook, and RSS feeds.

And it’s free to use except for the largest of websites.

Executives, marketing professionals, content writers and developers can all benefit from understanding Google Analytics.

google analytics1. To grow your business

  • Know who is finding your business
  • Know what they are searching for
  • Know where your business is coming from
  • Find out how to reach them

2. To measure your marketing campaigns

  • Measure activity as it happens
  • Create and analyse your own market segments
  • See the return on your marketing investment
  • Improve your online sales

3. To improve your website design

  • Test and improve your web pages
  • Get visitors to their destinations faster
  • See how visitors move within your site
  • Uncover problems before your customers do

You don’t need to be an expert in Google Analytics, but you need to know how to use it if you are serious about having an effective website and online presence.

Using Google Analytics to grow your business

Our short course in Google Analytics at Sydney Community College will teach you what you need to know. Learn from a Google Analytics certified web analyst and industry expert who will show you how to analyse your website to grow your business.

What the Google Analytics course covers:

Session 1 – Background and traffic
Session 2 – Conversions optimisation
Session 3 – Digital marketing
Session 4 – Summary and case studies

So, get your team together and enrol in Using Google Analytics to grow your business

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