Radio National Programmes Under Threat?

I’m a big RN fan and just last night I received the following as an email blast. I thought I would share it.

Garry Traynor


“If you have ever enjoyed ABC Radio National and would be sorry to see it damaged, I urge you to read the following bulletin, spread the word, and write a short note to the contacts you’ll find in the press release linked to below, telling them how you feel.

At stake, the future of radio drama, which brings Australian contemporary writing to 40,000+ people each week, and gives work to hundreds of actors and musicians.  Airplay, the Book Reading, Sunday Story and Movie Time are to be axed.

Also the experimental space, the Night Air, which has introduced so many to playful radio and story telling.

Features and docos – Into the Music, Hindsight and 360documentaries too will be affected, with a 1/3 increase in workload for the staff remaining after the cuts, meaning the detail and attention we pay to you and your world, through our programs, will be seriously affected.

Two sound engineers and one admin staff are also to go. Travel across the network has been curtailed – now we can only bring you stories from, well, near our desks.

A new low-staffed radio program called the Creative Audio Unit will come into play, bringing you American storytelling and low budget buy-ins.

RN’s most experienced documentary, drama and features producers are being targeted for redundancy.  The Arts area of RN is being seriously eroded. This area is a significant marker of RN’s difference on the radio dial. Without it, how long can RN itself continue?

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