Photography Talks – Travel Photography

Join us for a talk given by two professional Travel photographers. Hear their thoughts about Travel Photography from an insider’s perspective and examine their styles and approach to their work.

Travel photography is a subcategory of photography involving the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, architecture, cultures, customs and history. Good travel photography expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations. The pinnacle of professional travel photography can be found in the National Geographic magazine. Professional Travel photographers need to have a diverse range of photography skills from Portraiture to Landscape, Still Life, Architecture and Street Photography.

This term the talks will be conducted by the following photographers:

Nuran Zorlu
An Armenian born in Istanbul, Turkey who is now living and raising a family in Sydney, Australia. He’s travelled extensively throughout Europe and the near East, and consider himself to be well versed in eastern and western culture. He is very passionate about preserving the cultural dignities, through his project he travels to Middle East to documenting areas which not very familiar to many people of the planet. With his photography and philosophy, he likes to create a bridge between this landscapes, architectural details and people to viewers. Nuran say “I am also an image catcher. My love of philosophy, sociology and my multi layered background, compels me to inquire into and reveal peoples and their habitats – it is the human condition in all its richness and diversity that drives my spirit”. As a Master of Photography AIPP, he has been honoured to receive a number of Gold, Silver Distinction and Silver awards, including runner up as NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year, 2006 and NSW Portrait Photographer of the year 2010 (All taken during my travels).Currently he is serving the photography community as a vice president of AIPP NSW division.

Charles McKean
Charles is a professional photographer with over 20 year’s commercial experience and an avid traveller. His travel images capture the emotions and cultures of our every day world. He says, “I make images which tell the day-to-day truthfulness of our lives. We can often miss the little details — a child’s honesty, a village’s integrity, or a simple meal.” From the wilds of Patagonia, to degustation meals in Kyoto, to Canadian hockey matches… Charles images capture the everyday and the unusual. Charles will demonstrate his workflow techniques from capture through to gallery walls. Charles is a Master of Photography with the AIPP. His work has been included in the Blake Prize, HeadOn, the Ulrick and Schubert Prize, and the Moran Prize. Charles was winner of Shoot the Chef in 2010 and he is a finalist again this year. His work is currently travelling with the National Portrait Prize. His travel photography has been highly awarded and in 2009, he was named International Professional Flower Photographer of Year.

Photography Talks 24 November

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