Escaping Sydney … your Sea Change or Tree Change

Can the ‘lifestyle’ dream be made to work ?

Many people are interested in ‘getting off the Hamster wheel’ and exploring new lifestyle possibilities. There is an increasing interest in Sea Changes and Tree Changes, particularly amongst the over 40s.

The ABC television series ‘Sea Change’ resonated with many Australians, and a Reader’s Digest survey found that the majority of city people dream of a lifestyle change. Couple this with Australians’ love affair with the beach and demographer Bernard Salt considers it’s obvious why nearly 3 million Australians now live on the east coast of Australia (excluding capital cities), with almost another million expected to make the move by 2020.

So what is the reality of making a significant lifestyle change such as this ?

What are the opportunities – and the traps ?

Making the move without any strategies or understanding of the differences between city and country life can invite disaster – and many do make these mistakes because they fail to do their ‘homework’.

Escaping Sydney is an introductory course, on 10 October, designed to shed some light on these questions and assist lifestyle change aspirants with some of the information they need to know to make a success of their Sea Change or Tree Change.  The course leader who has been living on the mid North Coast since late 2002 will share his experience to help participants make the right choices.

For details of the course content go to or call 8752 7555.

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