Health and Wellbeing

We all know, being active, being involved, learning, challenging ourselves is good for us. It improves both our physical and mental well-being.

But how hard is it at times to actually do it, take the initiative, overcome obstacles – those external and practical ones, but also the inner ones. “…too late now, I’ll do it another time, I need more time, more money, more space, a babysitter, I need a friend to come with me, it’s too hot, too cold, too something …” and the list goes on. Most of us will be able to relate to some of the above, including the author of this article. Yet again, when we do it, overcome the obstacles, we usually feel great and think “…I should have done that a long time ago, I can’t believe it took me that long,…”. And suddenly there is more energy, more ideas, more happiness. It wasn’t all that hard after all!

Then there is our self-perception – “…oh, I won’t be any good at that, I’ve never done that before, I can’t do that now, I can’t draw, I can’t play music, I can’t…”. OF COURSE YOU CAN. Unless you give it a go you will never know.

At the College we understand the need for reassurance, guidance and development. That’s why we include so many Beginners’ classes in our program. You will find them in all categories – Arts, Business, Languages, Lifestyle, Sport – either clearly marked with the word ‘Beginners’, or ‘Essentials’, or ‘Introduction to’, or the number 1 for level, stage, part. In these entry-level classes no prior knowledge is assumed and you will share the classroom with many like-minded, inexperienced beginners. That does make a difference. Never done Yoga before, feel intimidated when you join a casual Yoga class because at least half the participants really seem to know what they are doing? Don’t worry, that’s when you join a Beginners’ class and you’ll feel so much more comfortable.  Once you have the basics and feel more confident you can progress to more advanced levels. It wasn’t all that hard after all!

Try something new this term. Call 8752 7555 or go online at


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