Learn Spanish in Spain

Want to learn or improve your Spanish? Why not learn or improve it in Spain?

Learning a language in a country where it is the official language is the quickest way to pick up the ‘real’ language. You are immersed in the language from the moment you arrive in the country and can practice your skills by speaking with locals, reading the newspapers and watching TV. You also have the added benefits of experiencing a new culture, seeing how the language is used in everyday life and meeting new friends.

In a small group, you will participate in 2 weeks of intensive language classes (4 hours per day, 5 days per week), including both grammar and conversation, at one of Spain’s most highly accredited language schools. You will also gain an intimate understanding of the Spanish culture by participating in 5 cultural activities per week and of course, by practicing Spanish outside of class with the locals. There is also a full day excursion to beautiful Granada, including the stunning Alhrambra Moorish Palace. Accommodation will be in private rooms on campus and breakfast will be provided daily.

For more information or to enrol please call 8752 7555 or visit www.sydneycommunitycollege.com.au/courses/languages/languages+other+than+english.

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