New: Piano Essentials

An accelerated course for adult beginners in piano skills, music notation, rhythm training, singing and music appreciation. Get those fingers going in a fun and unpressured environment with the latest in keyboard lab technology. All styles of music are experienced, from classical through to jazz and funk. Assumes very little or no previous musical experience.
Includes the following:
* Overview of the structure of the piano keyboard and music notation
* Posture and hand position when sitting at the piano
* Orientation of the 5 finger hand position
* Introduction and practice of rhythm notation, clapping and verbalisation
* Creating and notating simple rhythm patterns
* Learning to listen – playing what you hear
* Simple sight reading, following a score, playing what you see
* Co-ordination of 2 hand playing
* Mastering simple pieces, hands separately and hands together
* Reading of notes in treble and bass clef
For more information or to enrol call 8752 7555 or find out more information
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