Script Writing Workshop

The next great script could be in you. It might be inspired by a story you’ve heard, someone who fascinates you, a strong theme. But even the very best ideas have little value until a writer commits energy to them. A good film has solid structure and subplots, characters that are talented and damaged, a theme to touch many of us, dialogue rich in subtext.

If you’ve got a film idea to get on paper, this workshop will give you the basics. You’ll be guided through the essentials of writing a screenplay for a feature film or a short. You’ll create vivid characters with strong dialogue, even when they’re telling lies, trying to fool us all or saying what they don’t mean.

Along the way, you’ll discuss what makes well-known movies work and the role of the writer in creating those movies. You’ll come away with the basics to write films that go with or break the rules, movies that subvert audience expectations.

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